Points Redeeming Members
Consumer Panel Ajay Bhutani
Ajay Shirali
Anantha Vijayalaxmi
Ankita Nandi
Atanu De
Aysha Rumaisa
Bhargavi S
Davis P B
Gautam Majhi
Govinda Raj
Harinder Singh Batra
K Sashindran Nair
Kiran Paranjape
Manashi Das
Mano M
Maushumi Lahon
Nazish Qureshi
Neerja Vakil
Pankaj Sharma
Pradip Kumar Sarbabhouma
Pugazhendhi Subramanian
Raghu NS
Rekha M
Sanjay Mehdiratta
Sonya Rattan
Sundeep Matharoo
Suraj Bhasker
Suvarna Darji
Tejesh Sahu
Vijender Kumar
Health Care Panel Dr. Ambrish Verma
Dr. Kalpesh Jani
Dr. K V Anand
Dr. Manish Jain
Dr. Pravar Passi
Dr. Puneet Agrawal
Dr. Rahul Jain
Dr. Rajesh Vishwanathan
Dr. Vivek Mangla
Teen Panel Anu Abraham
Digvijay Gupta
Divik Thareja
Indra Kumar Jha
Mrinal Ali Hazarika
Poornima Balasubramanian
Pradeep Singh
Prateek Varshney
Prudence Menon
Rosiem Hmar
Sarvesh Kumar
Saswati Paul
Shivananje Gowda
Sonali Das
Swati Rastogi
Tushar Savant
Uzair Syed
Varalakshmi Vijay
Decision Makers Panel Amitabh Guha
Kavita Acharya
ManoharBabu Pattabi
Rohit Dhawan
IT Panel Deepti Khatuja
Dett Rajapandian. D
Gopalakrishna Shastri
Naseer Mohammed
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Its A-1 Grade Panel with a difference - the Avante Online Survey Respondents Panel invites you to become a panel member and experience the difference. By joining our online survey panel you will gain assured unconditional incentives in cash and / or gifts of your choice as rewards - for simply sharing
  1. your desire about expectations
  2. your feedback about satisfaction and
  3. your opinion about a product or a concept

Your inputs through the surveys you participate in, by being a Hon' able member of the Avante Online Survey Respondents Panel - helps companies develop their products and services to the liking of taste and interest of consumers / customers like you.

Avante manages and controls the A-1 Grade Panel where panel members can answer online surveys and earn rewards. From the day you join in the Avante Panel you will be frequently receiving the surveys to be completed online, from the location of your convenience and at the time of your preference. The questions of surveys online focus on attitudes and opinions towards different products or services or concepts.

Your desire, opinion and feedback is invaluable - we as a respect in honour of the same - reward it with assured unconditional incentives in cash and / or gifts of your choice. You will therefore earn rewards and incentives for every survey you complete, depending on the length of the interview. It's so simple, the surveys come straight to your email inbox and then you are just a click away from making a fortune for yourself and others.

Click on following Panel Titles to become members there in. You can JOIN one or more panels !

Please update your information as often as possible to ensure the possibility of getting more surveys matching your profile!

As always your information and privacy remains our utmost priority , and our practicies comply with the ESOMAR international online market research guidelines and the personal integrity standards detailed in the 1998 Data Protection Act.

You also have the option to unregister from the panel at anytime.

Wish you enjoy your time in Avante A-1 Grade Panel.


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