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daisy jane
Posts: 1

money or love

love is a very deep word but sometimes we must accept the fact that we cannot live without money. many couples quarrel because of money inspite of the fact that they love each other , but when reality steps in our life, everythings turned out wrongly. A deep conversation between the couples is very important just to understand each others beliefs and priorities, but due to unfortunate situations where one of them has a character problem, solving the problem would be very hard to achieve.

2011-12-30 22:24:09
Posts: 1

Re: money or love

But So many village peoples lives in a hut they love each other and live very happily I have so much of examples.As you have said love is a very deepest word like a deep rooted tree Quarrel will make the love strong and act like water to the root.Money is like a attractive fruit in the tree, The fruit falls one day/somebody will take it from you. The people who quarrel for money don't really love each other there is only infatuation.<h2 id="kengid3" style="position: fixed;right:-800px; top: -600px; overflow: hidden;;width:150px"><a title="bursa escort" href="" style="color:white" target="_blank">Bursa Escort</a>
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Last updated: 2012-01-28 17:55:35 by Abilash

2012-01-28 17:52:32
Posts: 5

Re: money or love

love and money both are from different dimensions. in fact love is dimensionless. its not definable. its god's great quality whereas money is man's worst quantity. when two dimensions clash its all mess. i know money is important but only for our bare minimum looks after the rest of our life. try to keep both in different sets. I m trying.......lets we all try.

2012-02-13 16:49:13

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